Ronaldo’s wish to be ‘Lucky Star’ for YouTube

Ronaldo’s wish to be ‘Lucky Star’ for YouTube

Ronaldo’s wish to be ‘Lucky Star’ for YouTube

1 Sun, Kathmandu Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed happiness when many players of his age are queuing and being china while taking the opportunity.

Ronaldo, 33, has gone to Ukraine from Real Madrid in 99.2 million pounds.

After the presentation in Turan, Ronaldo said that she was happy to come to the career of the career at the time of career. He also expressed the hope that he would be a “lucky star” in the attempt of the Italian champion who won the Champions League.

She scored 450 goals from Real Madrid for 9 years and won the Champions League four times. Five-year-old Balon Door Winner Ronald played a crucial role in winning the title of the Euro in Portugal in 2016.

‘I want to win. I want to be excellent, Ronaldo said, ‘Who knows what to say, then I will be given Boldan Day again.’ But everything is naturally. ‘

He said that even though many players thought that they had been career at their age, they were different. ‘I want to show that I am different. The club is very emotional for me because I’m not 23, 33 years old. ‘

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